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Popular Afrodescendant Pre-University Workshop “Benkos Biohó” seeks to generate teaching dynamics –learning process for preparing academically young people from Black Communities Process in Medellin (Proceso de Comunidades Negras en Medellín) for university applying exams.

Main objectives:

  • To encourage university academic education for Young people from Black Communities Process in Medellin.
  • To prepare young people for the contents of the exams –ICFES-saber 11 and specific applying exams for higher education in Colombia.
  • To generate critic and reflective attitudes regarding knowledge.
  • To provide tools for accessing, maintaining with high performance and finishing university studies in Colombia.
  • To understand ethnoeducative contents for raising ethnic-afro awareness in young men and women from the Black Communities Process in Medellin.
  • To reinforce youthful dynamics from Black Communities Process in Medellin.


Young people and adult students from secondary and high school who participate in organizational dynamics from the Black Communities in Medellin. It is also opened to unschooled young people and adults who may be interested.



From a pedagogic point of view, the pre-university workshop has a constructivist methodology, which means that it concentrates on a set of questions whose answers are not going to be given by the teacher, but they will need to be elaborated by the students themselves with the aid of teacher. Principles are indicative, and therefore the teacher reduce to minimum his presentations and seeks to stimulate the research, analytic, communicative and critic capacities of the students. To achieve this, all along the process the teacher proposes problems to students, who will need to read and make summaries in a weekly basis and also make solo essays, oral presentations (some of which can be made in groups), specific texts consults, internet research, analysis and reviews of films, debates between students, visit of experts and social leaders, critic reading and analysis of the press, reviews of some programs from TV or radio media, and analysis of some contemporary cases in order to solve those problems. The teacher will also constantly seek for debate in classroom. This is why the pre-university workshop requires a sustained personal effort.

Hence, pre-university workshop is structured in three (3) big blocks:

  • In class academic activities –disciplinary and interdisciplinary workshops.
  • Alternative activities for vocational guidance, and sample, recovery or reinforcement exams.
  • Extra academic formative activities, just like pedagogic field trips, thematic workshops and Afrodescendant and popular tradition and knowledge festival.