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Afrodescendant Audiovisual Counsel of Colombia Wi Da Monikongo opens a public call to participate in the autonomic space that producers, artists and afro cultural agents will have about the Afro Exhibit of the Bogota District Film in Bogota from May the 30th to June the 1st.

This is a meeting place for the network and for producers, artists and afro cultural agents from Bogotá who may be interested in getting to know and contribute to what is being generated in order to articulate the afro audiovisual sub-sector in the city, in the country and in African diaspore.

The main objective is to work together in the proposals generating public policies, afro sector articulation, visibility of our practices, audiovisual making and enforcement of our own aesthetic visions, and so on.

We wait for all producers, creators, artists and afro cultural agents from Bogota to keep going forward in what was discussed in the meeting of the II International Afro Community Film Festival Kunta Kinte organized by Carabantú Corporation in 2017 and which generated the creation of this network that brings all afro audiovisual sub-sector in Colombia together.

In the autonomic space we seek to make all proposals from the FICCA Kunta Kinte in Medellin known and delve into the working table proposals of those who participated in the Meeting of Artists and Afrodescendant Cultural Agents Afro Radical Imagination I.R.A. (from Spanish Imaginación Radical Afro) Organized by Aguaturbia Collective in 2016.

We will be listening to all learned from experience by Black Audiovisual Professionals Association / APAN from Brazil (Associação dxs Profissionais do Audiovisual Negro / A.P.A.N).

All this thanks to the financial support of Culture and European Language Department from Edimburg University.


From Wi Da Monikongo – Afrodescendant Audiovisual Counsel we managed to preserve the Afro Exhibit so in this time we will be able to watch the audiovisual production by a big variety of afro producers from the country. The curator job was in charge of Liliana Angulo and supported by Aguaturbia Collective and the district and national members of the Wi Da Monikongo network.

Works by producers, creators, artists, activists, afro cultural agents and managers from Quibdo, Nuque, Buenaventura, Cali, Jamundi – Villapaz, San Basilio de Palenque, Cartagena, Barranquilla, San Andres Island, Santander de Quilichao, Medellin and Bogota will be presented during the exhibit, some of these works include another Afrocolombia regions. MUICA – standing for Muestra Itinerante de Cine Africano (Itinerant Exhibit of African film), as another member of Wi Da Monikongo provided African diaspore films to the international schedule.

The exhibit also presents all kind of audiovisual practices such as films, television, documentary, sci-fi, animation, visual arts, performance and theater, web series, video clips, video art, etc.

Guest List


Nationally, producers who belong to the network and work with audiovisuals from rural to urban community processes will be with us.

Ramón Perea – Antioquia, Medellín Afro Film Festival Kunta Kinte – Carabantú – Technical Secretariat Wi Da Monikongo Afrodescendant Audiovisual Counsel of Colombia · Dianne Rodriguez – Documentalist. Community communication and social organizations work in progress. Construcción de Paz· Luis Hender Martínez – Kucha Suto de Palenque Collective – Memmory and knowledge transmision· Víctor Gonzalez Urrutia – Villapaz Self-thaught producer, Jamundí, Cauca Valley

  • Jonathan Hurtado Carabalí – Buenaventura producer – Yemayá producer



Internationally, Black Audiovisual Professionals Association / APAN from Brazil (Associação dxs Profissionais do Audiovisual Negro / A.P.A.N) will be with us.


Viviane Ferreira. Afro-Brazilian producer. APAN Co-founder

APAN https://associacaoapan.wixsite .com/apan

Viviane Ferreira r/diversidade/viviane-ferreira -a-segunda-negra-a-dirigir-um- longa-no-brasil

Associação dxs Profissionais do Audiovisual Negro / A.P.A.N

Black Audiovisual Professionals Association / APAN is a promotion, valorization and divulgation institutions for audiovisual productions starring black people. It also promotes black people professionals in the audiovisual market.

Valorization of negritude and defense of their interests from an inclusive point of view paying particular attention to the racial cut in relation with all the parts of audiovisuals are the main pillars of education, constitution and politics of APAN. They represent the conception, production, distribution and visualization. In this respect, APAN represents such interests face to public organisms, foundations, institutions, ONGs and private enterprises, in Brazil and the rest of the world.

Currently, face to generational diversity, black people protagonisms and an increasingly number of black audiovisual producers, the door is open for the start, persistence and existence of APAN actions in the history construction, in which black people are essential for the Brazilian Nation and its audiovisual production.